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Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment in Fordham, Bronx, NY

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  • Non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment
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Non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment gives patients a less invasive option than hemorrhoid surgery with a quick recovery and lower risk. Stop dealing with hemorrhoid pain and discomfort and schedule a consultation today.

USA Hemorrhoid Centers - Fordham
11 E. Fordham Rd. Suite C
Bronx, NY 10468
Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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Experience Relief and Comfort From Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment on Fordham Rd in the Bronx, NY

At our hemorrhoid treatment center on Fordham Road, our doctors treat internal hemorrhoids with a non-surgical procedure called hemorrhoid artery embolization (HAE). It’s an FDA-approved treatment that’s effective for getting rid of hemorrhoids and offering long-lasting symptom relief. 

HAE is performed on an outpatient basis, so our patients can go home the same day and return to their normal activity levels within a few days. 

If you’re looking for non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment near you, call our clinic today to schedule a consultation with a hemorrhoid specialist

Treatment Center Location Information

We’re in the Fordham Manor neighborhood of Bronx, NY, near Fordham Heights and University Heights. Our clinic is next to Capy Tres Leches Cakes and T-Mobile. 

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USA Hemorrhoid Centers all staff were incredible. They communicated throughout and checked in frequently to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. I am happy I chose to get the treatments and look forward to the improvements.

Alexis B.

I am so glad to have gone to USA Hemorrhoid Centers. My experience has been amazing. The staff are all so friendly but professional. The doctor is wonderful and in his professional manner makes you very comfortable and explains anything you have questions about. So very happy.

Abe K.

About USA Hemorrhoid

USA Hemorrhoid Centers: providing an advanced and comprehensive hemorrhoid treatment solution to help patients find lasting relief and improved quality of life. We offer hemorrhoidal artery embolization (HAE) an outpatient, nonsurgical treatment for hemorrhoids that offers long-lasting relief from rectal bleeding. 

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Meet Your Hemorrhoid Doctors

Dr. Jacob White at USA Hemorrhoid Centers

Dr. Jacob White





USA Hemorrhoid Centers – Fordham
11 E. Fordham Rd. Suite C
Bronx, NY 10468

FAQs About Hemorrhoid Treatment

What Is Hemorrhoid Artery Embolization (HAE)?

It’s an FDA-approved hemorrhoid treatment that works by reducing the flow of blood to hemorrhoids. It causes the existing tissue to shrink, leading to long-term symptom relief without impacting anal continence or causing anal wounds.

What Are the Benefits of Hemorrhoid Artery Embolization?

HAE doesn’t require general anesthesia and patients won’t have to have stitches. The recovery time is short and involves less pain and discomfort when compared to other treatment options like rubber band ligation and hemorrhoid removal surgery. Learn more about the benefits of hemorrhoid artery embolization.

Does Insurance Cover Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Yes, insurance typically covers hemorrhoid treatment. Our hemorrhoid clinic on Fordham Rd. in the Bronx, NY, participates with most insurance plans, including Medicare and some Medicaid plans. We also offer affordable payment options for our patients. Read more about insurance coverage for hemorrhoids.

How Can I Verify My Insurance?

You can verify your insurance when you schedule a consultation online. Enter your information, and our secure booking tool will confirm your insurance policy. If you have any questions, call our clinic at (929) 476-0211.

Where Can I Find Hemorrhoid Specialists Near Me?

If you live in or near Bronx, NY, schedule a consultation at our expert hemorrhoid treatment center on Fordham Road. We have other locations nationwide, including nearby states such as New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania

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Getting here

Directions to Our Hemorrhoid Treatment Center on Fordham Road

Our address is:

USA Hemorrhoid Centers
11 E Fordham Rd., Suite B
Bronx, NY 10468

How to Reach Our Hemorrhoid Center By Car

From Manhattan: If you live in Manhattan, our hemorrhoid treatment center is near you — about 8 miles from Central Park. To reach us, take W 96th Street to NY-9A N. Get off at exit 17 to W 207th Street and make a right. Follow W 207th St. over University Heights Bridge and head east on W Fordham Road. Drive along Fordham Rd for a little over a mile. Our clinic will be on your left, just past Jerome Avenue. 

From Yonkers: If you’re heading south from the Yonkers, NY, area, take Saw Mill Parkway S until exit 24. From there, get on Mosholu Parkway for about 1.5 miles. Turn right on Grand Concourse, then make another right on E Fordham Rd. at Marshalls. USA Hemorrhoid Centers will be on your right, just past Morris Avenue. 

How to Reach Our Hemorrhoid Center in Fordham Manor by Public Transportation

Take the NYC subway to Fordham Rd. station. Our Fordham Manor hemorrhoid clinic in the Bronx, NY, is less than one block east of this strip. You can also reach our clinic by bus—the Bx12 line stops in front of our location at E Fordham Rd and Walton Ave. 


If you’re driving, you can park on one of the nearby streets, including Morris Ave. or Walton Ave. There’s also a parking lot on 193rd Street near the northern side of St. James Park and one on Grand Concourse near Poe Park. Both parking lots are about a five-minute walk from our location.

Insurance Information for Hemorrhoid Treatment

At USA Hemorrhoid Clinics, we are dedicated to addressing all the challenges associated with varicose hemorrhoids and spider hemorrhoids. This also includes acknowledging affordable hemorrhoid treatment options. Our goal is to provide you with the best-in-class and affordable hemorrhoid treatment possible for varicose and spider hemorrhoids. Varicose and spider hemorrhoids are symptoms of hemorrhoid disease and could lead to more dangerous health issues if left untreated. These can include venous ulcers and blood clots.

Patients frequently ask if their varicose hemorrhoid treatment is covered by insurance. Due to the relation of varicose hemorrhoids to hemorrhoid disease, health insurance usually covers varicose hemorrhoid treatments. Do you have specific questions about health insurance and your coverage? We’re here to help with the entire process.

Our dedicated team of insurance specialists will work with you every step of the way to maximize your insurance benefits. We will also complete the necessary paperwork to get your treatment plan approved by your insurance provider. We are here to offer guidance if you have any questions regarding health insurance or our affordable options for varicose and spider hemorrhoid treatment. We are constantly adding new insurance companies to our database to maximize your benefits and likelihood of having your treatment covered. For patients whose hemorrhoid embolization treatment costs are not covered, we also offer a range of financing options, including CareCredit, HELPcard*, and HSA or FSA accounts.

Does Insurance Cover Varicose Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Varicose hemorrhoids and spider hemorrhoids are symptoms of hemorrhoid disease, so treatment is typically covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Your out-of-pocket cost is determined by the type of treatment you receive, whether we see you in the office or via telemedicine (which may also be covered by your insurance plan), and your insurance coverage. Please give us a call or use our scheduling tool to verify in advance that we accept your insurance plan and to understand your initial consultation cost.

We offer minimally invasive and highly effective BPH treatments covered by most major insurances. Call us today with any questions.

Insurance Verification Online

We want to make staying healthy easy while keeping the cost as reasonable as possible. That’s why we brought appointment scheduling to your fingertips. You can book an appointment online via our HIPAA-compliant scheduling option and find out if we accept your insurance with just a few taps of your finger. Our scheduling tool verifies your varicose hemorrhoids insurance coverage for an initial visit. It also helps you find a clinic close to you, so you don’t have to commit before knowing your insurance eligibility. We also provide both in-office and telemedicine appointments for your convenience. Not comfortable making an appointment online? Not a problem. Give us a call, and one of our team members will assist you with all of your insurance-related questions and get your appointment scheduled.

We focus on low-cost, highly effective treatments and remain transparent about the cost of treatment from beginning to end. We don’t want you to avoid treatment because of worries about cost. We will make you aware of the costs associated with your treatment upfront so that you can make the best decisions for your care and budget.

How to prepare for your visit

Meet Our Hemorrhoid Doctors on Fordham Rd in the Bronx, NY

We have a team of experienced hemorrhoid specialists who focus on non-surgical treatment. These highly skilled doctors give every patient personalized attention and an individualized treatment plan, ensuring they receive the best hemorrhoid treatment for their unique needs. 

How to Prepare for Hemorrhoid Treatment in Fordham Manor in NYC

You should dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for your hemorrhoid treatment appointment. You will be asked to fast on the morning of your appointment, but you can drink fluids. Hemorrhoid artery embolization takes about 45 minutes, so you should expect to be at your appointment for one to two hours.