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Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Manhattan, NY on St. Nicholas Avenue

Why Choose USA Hemorrhoid Centers:

  • Non surgical procedure with a short recovery
  • Patient-centered care and personalized treatment plans
  • Experienced Upper Manhattan, NY hemorrhoid doctors 

Let our hemorrhoid specialists help you experience symptom relief with a quick, minimally invasive procedure. Schedule a consultation at our hemorrhoid treatment center in New York  on St. Nicholas Ave. today. 

USA Hemorrhoid Centers - New York
1264 Saint Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10033
Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Experience Relief and Comfort with Our Advanced, Non-Surgical Treatment for Hemorrhoids

If you’re looking for a hemorrhoid clinic near you to get rid of the pain, bleeding, and discomfort without the risks associated with surgery, call us today. Our hemorrhoid doctors on St. Nicholas Ave. in Upper Manhattan, NY will give you the personalized attention you deserve.

St. Nicholas Ave. Hemorrhoid Treatment Center Location Information

Our hemorrhoid treatment center is located in the Washington Heights neighborhood near the Highbridge Recreation Center and The Nike Track & Field Center at The Armory. We’re on St. Nicholas Ave between W 173rd and W 174th Street, less than a mile east of Riverside Park.

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USA Hemorrhoid Centers all staff were incredible. They communicated throughout and checked in frequently to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. I am happy I chose to get the treatments and look forward to the improvements.

Alexis B.

I am so glad to have gone to USA Hemorrhoid Centers. My experience has been amazing. The staff are all so friendly but professional. The doctor is wonderful and in his professional manner makes you very comfortable and explains anything you have questions about. So very happy.

Abe K.

About USA Hemorrhoid

USA Hemorrhoid Centers: providing an advanced and comprehensive hemorrhoid treatment solution to help patients find lasting relief and improved quality of life. We offer hemorrhoidal artery embolization (HAE) an outpatient, nonsurgical treatment for hemorrhoids that offers long-lasting relief from rectal bleeding. 

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Meet Your Hemorrhoid Doctors

Dr. Jacob White at USA Hemorrhoid Centers

Dr. Jacob White





USA Hemorrhoid Centers – New York
1264 Saint Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10033

FAQs About Hemorrhoid Treatment

What Are the Benefits of Hemorrhoid Artery Embolization?

With hemorrhoid artery embolization (HAE), there’s no need for general anesthesia or a hospital stay. The procedure only takes 45 minutes, and most people fully recover within a couple of days. Other benefits of HAE include the following: minimally invasive procedure, no stitches or rectal scarring, preserves anal continence, and effective for all internal hemorrhoids. If you’re searching for an effective non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment near you, schedule an appointment at our outpatient clinic on St. Nicholas Ave. We have the best Upper Manhattan, NY hemorrhoid doctors and state-of-the-art facilities.

Why Choose HAQ for Hemorrhoid Treatment Over Other Options?

While there are several well-known options for treating hemorrhoids such as Rubber band ligation, hemorrhoidectomy, and sclerotherapy, hemorrhoid artery embolization (HAE) stands out. This outpatient procedure boasts a fast recovery time, making it significantly more convenient than other treatments. Moreover, HAE is less painful than traditional hemorrhoid removal surgery and preserves anal continence.

Does Insurance Cover Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Insurance does generally cover hemorrhoid treatment. We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare and some Medicaid plans. Read more about insurance coverage for hemorrhoids.

How Do You Verify My Insurance?

We’ve made it easy to verify your insurance so you can focus on getting the care you need. Our online scheduling tool has built-in insurance verification — simply enter your information when you book a consultation online and check your insurance in real time.

Where Can I Find Hemorrhoid Specialists Near Me?

Call our outpatient treatment center at (347) 477-1730 to schedule a consultation with a hemorrhoid specialist. You can also schedule online anytime.

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Directions to Our St. Nicholas Ave. Hemorrhoid Treatment Center

Driving Directions:

  • If you’re coming to our hemorrhoid clinic from downtown Manhattan, take the Henry Hudson Parkway (Route 9A) northbound.
    Continue on the Henry Hudson Parkway until you reach Exit 14 for West 181st Street.
    Take the exit and merge onto W 181st St.
    Follow W 181st St for about 0.6 miles until you reach St. Nicholas Ave.
    Make a right turn onto St. Nicholas Ave.
    Continue on St. Nicholas Ave for approximately 0.3 miles, and you will find 1264 St. Nicholas Ave on your left-hand side.

Public Transport Directions:

  • If you’re using the subway, take the A or C train to the 175th Street station.
  • From the station, walk northeast on W 177th St toward W 176th St.
  • Turn right onto St. Nicholas Ave.
  • Continue on St. Nicholas Ave for approximately 0.4 miles, and you will arrive at 1264 St. Nicholas Ave.

Note: Public transport options and routes may vary depending on your starting location. Be sure to check for any service changes or updates before your journey.

These directions should help you reach our outpatient hemorrhoid treatment center on St. Nicholas Ave., whether you choose to drive or use public transport. We look forward to meeting you!

Where To Park At Our St. Nicholas Ave. Hemorrhoid Treatment Center

Here’s some parking information for our St. Nicholas Ave. NY hemorrhoid treatment center:

Street Parking: There is generally street parking available along Saint Nicholas Ave and the surrounding streets. However, please be mindful of parking regulations, such as metered parking and street cleaning restrictions. Make sure to check for any parking signs or regulations in the specific area where you plan to park.

Parking Garages: There are several parking garages located near 1264 Saint Nicholas Ave that offer convenient parking options. Some nearby parking garages include:

  • PV Parking Washington Heights: 554 W 174th St, New York, NY 10033
  • Icon Parking: 2479 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10033
  • Centerpark Broadway Garage: 4172 Broadway, New York, NY 10033

We recommend you plan your parking in advance to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Insurance Information for Hemorrhoid Treatment

USA Hemorrhoid Clinics provides affordable, nonsurgical hemorrhoidal artery embolization (HAE). It is an outpatient, nonsurgical treatment for hemorrhoids that offers long-lasting relief from rectal bleeding.   Left untreated hemorrhoids can lead to more dangerous health issues.

Patients frequently ask if hemorrhoid treatment is covered by insurance. Hemorrhoids are considered a medical condition, so treatment is typically covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.Do you have specific questions about health insurance and your coverage? We’re here to help with the entire process.

Our team of insurance specialists will help you get the most out of your insurance coverage for hemorrhoid treatment. We will also handle the paperwork and answer any questions you have. We are constantly adding new insurance companies to our database to increase your chances of getting your treatment covered. And if your treatment is not covered by insurance, we offer a variety of financing options.

For patients whose hemorrhoid embolization treatment costs are not covered, we also offer a range of financing options, including CareCredit, HELPcard*, and HSA or FSA accounts.

Does Insurance Cover Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Most insurance plans cover hemorrhoid treatment. Your out-of-pocket cost will vary depending on the type of treatment you receive and your insurance coverage.

Your out-of-pocket cost is determined by whether we see you in the office or via telemedicine (which may also be covered by your insurance plan), and your insurance coverage. Please call us to verify coverage and get a quote, or use our scheduling tool to verify in advance that we accept your insurance plan and to understand your initial consultation cost.

Insurance Verification Online

We want to make it easy and affordable for you to stay healthy. That’s why we offer online appointment scheduling with insurance verification.

With our HIPAA-compliant scheduling tool, you can book an appointment in just a few taps. Our tool will verify your insurance coverage for an initial visit and help you find a clinic near you.

We also offer both in-office and telemedicine appointments for your convenience. If you’re not comfortable scheduling an appointment online, give us a call and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

We focus on low-cost, highly effective treatment and remain transparent about the cost of treatment from beginning to end. We don’t want you to avoid treatment because of worries about cost. We will make you aware of the costs associated with your treatment upfront so that you can make the best decisions for your care and budget.

Preparing for Your Visit

Before your initial consultation and exam at our Upper Manhattan hemorrhoid treatment center in Washington Heights, NY, we recommend preparing a list of questions you’d like to ask the doctor. You should also bring your insurance card and ID as well as any relevant medical records and a list of your medications. 

Meet Your Upper Manhattan, NY Hemorrhoid Doctors

Our doctors are highly recommended interventional radiologists who specialize in hemorrhoid artery embolization treatment. You can count on them to recommend the best treatment plan for your needs.

Getting Ready for Hemorrhoid Treatment in Upper Manhattan, NY on St. Nicholas Avenue

Avoid eating for a few hours before your hemorrhoid artery embolization treatment in Upper Manhattan. Your procedure will take about 45 minutes, but you should plan on being at our clinic for closer to two hours.